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Selling Property, Properly.

Sell your Property

Having the experts on your side to maximise the worth of your property is what we do. But then there’s the bit about how we do it, and when you are selling your home – transparency is key.

Partner with NCRE and you will receive a custom NCnetwork Vendor login to access everything from your sale contracts and agency agreements, to enquiry reports and open inspection attendance pushed live to you every 60-seconds.

With NCRE you’re not just a client – you’re part of the team.

So scroll on down and register for a one-on-one with the team today.

Sell/Market your Project

Project sales is arguably a different industry. It’s real estate – but not as a normal agent knows it. We’ve all seen what happens when others have got it wrong…

Selling a project of 5 to 100+ homes with everything living in peoples emails or in that paper pile next to the sticky notes?

*in the distance – sirens*

Perfect records deliver perfect projects. Plus, each record cannot be treated in isolation like a normal “one house on a street” real estate transaction. It’s important to know that those records are all related to each other as listings within a stage and stages within a master project.

Your custom NCnetwork Developer login will give you instant access to every customer colour selection, build/land/or off plan contract, finance progress, whole of project contract status’, live enquiry reports, marketing spend and even cost per lead and cost per contract metrics to keep your market push nimble with live feedback. When you need to report to the board there’s no more waiting for late and incomplete sales reports in excel – you can log in live in the boardroom for instant access to the 24/7 truth.

Music to your ears? Whether you’re a Mum and Dad Developer, a Professional Developer or a Community Housing Provider, you can’t afford to get this wrong – so scroll on down and register for a consultation about your next project today.

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