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About Us

About Us?
No - It's About You.

We think you’ve been let down, Adelaide.

Traditionally, real estate transactions have been about as modern as your nan’s hair rollers (but the rollers use more technology…). A process that usually leaves you in the dark, not really knowing where you stand.
Still ride your Horse and Cart to work?
Then keep your paper and hope for an update – but NCRE does things differently.

Entirely paperless transactions from start to finish live here, with full access to the NCnetwork to see everything about our relationship together all in the one place. So whether you are buying from, selling through, developing with or referring to NCRE, you will receive a customised login to the NCnetwork, giving you the ultimate in transparency from contract through to keys.

There is a fundamental shift away from being a customer or a client, to being a partner. And in what is likely the most expensive decision of your lives, that partner status is exactly where you belong. After all, you deserve better, and your modernised solution is here – because it’s time to move on Adelaide…

it’s time to Move Up.

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